With the recent release of new products from Wild Biker Motorcycles I have been asked several times about why they are not Chrome but High Polish Stainless Steel or Aluminum.

That debate has been around for some time in the motorcycle community and this makes a great opportunity to respond with my opinion given that this is my blog :).

Chrome parts look awesome if correctly done by a well-respected chrome shop, When a chrome part is properly done, 2-3 layers are applied giving the chrome resilience to rust and pitting, for the most part. But with so many parts out there, especially on E-Bay, the chrome is done poorly and very thinly to save money. That usually means, especially depending on your where you ride, the chrome cannot withstand the attack from dirt stones and grime. After a short period, pitting occurs and then to top it off, the material the chrome is applied to is cheap and then begins to rust like so many cheap grips and foot pegs out there on the market. Of course, if your anal and keep your bike clean from debris and dirt, you can extend the life of many of these parts with some good wax and careful upkeep, but once a chrome part gets a scratch - well - our screwed! Besides minor brush marks, you cannot fully retain the finish nor buff out a scratch in chrome so a minor mistake will show forever!



Now on the other hand, polished aluminum and Stainless Steel is a bit more forgiving. Especially aluminum. There are multiple products out there (White Diamonds, Mothers) than can completely restore a polished aluminum or Stainless part back to perfection with a little hand muscle. The softer nature of the metal relative to Chrome, allows you to gently buff out minor scratches and imperfections easily. When there is a deep gouge, you can even utilize a sanding method to completely restore the part to its new condition where as in chrome, the scratch will remain forever! Stainless like aluminum can be restored but stainless requires a TAD more work but can still be brought back to its original fine luster.

So when I decide on a new design for a part, taking into account the area and location it will be installed, chroming is not always the best choice. Yes it looks fantastic right out of the box, but aluminum properly polished shines better than chrome and Stainless can give you a nearly Mirror finish that surpasses chrome on any given day. So I like Alnminum when it works for the part. Of course sometimes chrome is alway the way to go but not always. So look for alternatives.

One of those alternatives is Powder-Coat paint a part. NO - not rattle can - but professionally applied powder coat is nearly impervious to scratches and dents. So if your going to blacken your ride out (or any other color) then powder coat is the best alternative out there. Keep in mind, powder coat requires a baking stage, so all rubber parts, seals, and bearings will need to be removed, but if time permtis and you have a local painter. Do the the powdercoat! You wont be disappointed and it is very very cost effective.

So when looking for parts and their finish - consider where the part is located on your ride. Yes chrome will always be most rider’s first choice, but consider polished first. When you spend $200 - $300 or more on a chrome parts and when trying to install it you scratch it with your tools - Well - IT just fucking kills ya inside!


If you ever have any questions on how to polish or paint a part - give us a call at Wild Bikers Motorcycles, be glad to help you out.