I have been asked many times why I don't carry other parts that are much cheaper and available on other online retailers. The simple answer is - I only sell MADE in the USA PARTS. It was a difficult decision when building my site and shop - but the BUY USA has significant importance to me and you. Without getting into a debate of whether you own a Metric or American made cruiser - In essence all of them have foreign parts on them in upwards to 50% of the bike regardless of what you have been told. Many of the Metric bikes are manufactured here right in the USA along with Harley Davidson. But the aftermarket parts - Well that is a different story! 

You can buy anything from E-Bay or Amazon for nearly any bike and depending on where they are manufactured, the cost can vary significantly!! For example: Grips made in China/Taiwan etc.. can be made and sold for under $20.00 but USA made parts run $100.00 dollars and up. Why the difference?

Parts made overseas have little regulatory  oversight - They pay their people peanuts, use the cheapest materials - have no EPA restrictions for pollution and chemicals so they can be mass produced for nothing - Most of them are downright duplicate copies of other parts using cheaper material and many with chemicals and processes outlawed in many of the other countries.

The fact that there is no oversight can bring a multiple of issues - Now I am no tree hugger by any means and some of the laws in the US are over restrictive, but when we allow our companies to simply pour mercury and chemicals used in the manufacture of parts and chroming directly in the local water shed then you are severely impacting the environment and safety of the people. So the costs in the USA to use certain approved chemicals and having proper disposal procedures can add on to the total cost.

The Material cost again is related to what they pay their workers to mine - process and manufacture the raw steel or aluminum. No laws on minimum pay, health care or anything! Again this adds to the cost of the product. Just put 2 parts in your hands and feel simply the weight difference. Grips made overseas are typically cast from a mold then a cheap chrome covering. Those made in America are SOLID and either highly polished or triple plated chrome. The overseas ones just feel cheap!!

But here is the good side. When you buy AMERICAN MADE - then you are supporting everyone from the miner who dug up the material, the foundry workers, the salesman, the design engineer, the machinist, the polisher/chrome. You are supporting their jobs, their health care, and their families. That in turn pays for the local law enforcement, City, State and Federal Government workers and these people spend the money on more made in the USA Parts and the cycle continues. The large trickle effect of buying American is lost when buying from these overseas copycat companies even when they are made for the US Company, you lose that complete circle of affected workers and buyers.  

I am proud American Retired Veteran - Proud to spend my money for parts on USA Based companies who in turn support our way of capitalism, freedom and democracy.

The ole saying goes - You get what you pay for. So if it is more important for you to get the CHEAPEST part made, regardless of where it came from, its quality, durability, then by all means buy it from where you want. We all have been there - short on cash, can't afford what we wants as life can be hard! But when you can, BUY USA - You get the best quality - the best minds and to top it off - you are supporting exactly the way of life we enjoy here in the US.


Enough Said and moving on!