Schumaker Air RideYou always wanted an AIR Ride on your Harley V-Rod - Street Glide or VTX but the prices for a premium system can start at $800. And we would be glad to sell you one too but for the budget minded, a basic Air Ride system fits our wallets yet gives us that look we want.

The Schumaker Air Ride is just that. Budget yet performance. Customizers for years have been converting standard car air ride systems to work on their bike. Finally someone has come up with a complete system that includes everything you need to install this type of system in one package.

The Parts include a compressor - Up//Down Valve - All the wiring you need - Air Lines and a standard toggle switch and of course 2 shocks. For the Harley V-Rod in particular, this system fits like a glove. Easy to install in under 3 hours for even the most basic mechanic out there. Same for the Tri-Glide series of bikes. You can mount the compressor virtually anywhere and if you have bags - It makes it even easier.

On the other hand, the VTX kit takes a little finagling to get to fit. The compressor will need to go into your existing tool box and the Shock Bushings extend a tad further out than the shock mounts. But with a few spacers bought at the local hardware store - you will feel confident of the fit.

The shocks are Durable, they lack the finish of a true Air Ride system, but again, this is a budget system. Black is your only choice.


switchThe same goes for the basic toggle switch. Most customers, including myself, upgraded the switch to a handle bar mount like the one I got from Spiegler. Great looks, waterproof and you can select from black, chrome or a black/chrome mix.

Now for the ride - If you are expecting it to be better than your current shocks, you will be disappointed "BUDGET" remember. The ride is only equal to your current shocks, but for most, that is what they want. The system will quickly inflate to the full extension and drop down in a matter of seconds. The cool factor when you pull up to your favorite hangout is awesome and no one needs to know you paid only $430.00 for that system. You can adjust it when you ride for varying conditions. I have had this system installed on my custom VTX1300 for 1 1/2 now with not an issue, not a leak, nothing. Rides great in can take a serious bump without bottoming out. 

So if you’re looking for an Air Ride for your V-Rod, Tri-Glide or VTX Cruiser, but can't afford the high end systems, this will do it for you. Durable & proven. It does lack the fineness and control of the higher ends - but you get what you pay for and this was well worth the cost.

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