Well Not Exactly - But today is the United States Coast Guard's 226th Birthday!



I am a very proud Retired USCG Chief of Avionics (ATC). Never have I been in such an elite group of professionals. As an Aviator I flew and was qualified in 5 Different Airframes beginning back in 1982.


HH-52 Helo























GulfStream 2 - (CG-01)









Gulfstram 1 (CG-02)























 I proudly served for over 20 Years and Spent nearly 50% of my time Deployed and away from my family and kids on missions all over the world. From Cuba to South America - UK - and Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.

It pisses me off when peple try to compare thier tuff job to someone in the US. No matter how dangerous your job is - Nearly every night you go home and sleep in your bed with whomever you are with - I slept on Cots - on Ships - in the plane and on the ground! The US Coast Guard has served in EVERY DAMN CONFLICT we have had and Proudly I was there when I was serving. First to raise his hand to volunteer on a mission. The Other Services - ARMY - NAVY - AIR FORCE - and MARINES have my deepest respect from the bottom of my heart for what you do.

So next time you see a Military member - You need to think of the TRUE Sacrafices they are giving - Low Pay - Horrible Conditions - away from family,  many times with no warning and with out being able to tell them where you are going. Missing Birthdays - Missing Christmas - New Years - and for many the birth of their children. 

I am proud of my service and stand by my brothers in arms!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COAST GUARD - PROUD to have been part of such a DMAN GOOD CREW - Especially us Airdales . Sorry Black Shoes LOL!