Who the Hell Is The Chief and How the hell did he get that name?? I have been asked that or heard that asked for 20 years! Unlike alot of Posers out there you give themselves a nickname - I have been called The Chief for a long ass time. I am a Retired Military Chief Petty Officer and the Ole saying goes - Once a Chief - Always a Chief. Plus he fact I am 1/4 Cherokee helps a tad too 

Now why the hell a blog - Here I get to say anything goddamn thing I want - I can post any picture I want and no prying eyes from the Facebook and Twitter Police HA!!!!

I plan on updating everyone on the challenges of owning a business - Product Reviews - Personal statements and whatever else I feel like! I hope you will follow and if the group grows - I will open up the blog to others to submit their thoughts an Ideas.


So check back in here now and then. Say what you want - You can't hurt my feelings! I won’t shed a damn tear - Seriously I won’t!!!